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What Studio Monitors Should You Buy?

Source: ( ) Whether you are starting out or you've been recording for decades. The most important part of a recording studio are studio monitors. What are studio monitors, and why do you need them? What you hear through your monitors is what you want to hear in your car, headphones, phone speaker, wireless speaker, etc. Studio monitors are designed for recording studios, musicians, the bedroom producer or someone who wants to listen to their television/vinyls on a good speaker system. They are the key guide to get what you want everyone else to hear. When it comes to engineering, recording, mixing, and mastering music you want to trust what you're hearing. With the proper acoustics in studios the more you'll get out of your studio monitors. Not every studio monitor is the same, they are all different. The key goal that every studio monitor needs is a flat frequency response. Why do you need a flat frequency response? What you hear is what

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